Alloy Software Enhances Its ITSM Offering

Alloy Software Enhances Its ITSM Offering

​​​​​​Alloy Software today announced a series of new capabilities for its Alloy Navigator and Alloy Discovery products. These enhancements deepen the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of organizations with distributed IT infrastructures that support a remote workforce.   

With the introduction of its new Offsite Inventory capability, Alloy Navigator users will be able to conduct the hardware and software audits of remote Windows-based computers and field laptops, even when they are disconnected from the company’s network.  

“Many organizations today experience an increasingly remote workforce spread out across multiple locations, often with no permanent connection to the company’s network,” explained Ivan Samoylov, CTO of Alloy Software. “With the extensive level of detail on hardware configurations and installed software, Offsite Inventory is going to ensure an accurate and timely account of offsite computers much needed in today’s IT world”.  

In addition to its new Offsite Audit functionality, Alloy Software announced its Single Click Workflow Actions, which enables IT personnel, company’s managers, and outside users to interact with Alloy Navigator and submit their service survey ratings, vote on change requests, or provide quick feedback with a single click on hyperlinks included in targeted email notifications. One of the main objectives of this new capability is to streamline and enhance collaboration between employees and the IT and eliminate hurdles that may delay or prevent them from providing their input. 

About Alloy Navigator  

Alloy Navigator is an all-inclusive IT Service and Asset Management solution that helps users to maximize the efficiency of their IT operations and reduce costs. It covers all primary IT disciplines ranging from Service Desk, Asset and Software Asset Management to major ITIL-driven processes. Alloy Navigator is geared toward small, medium and enterprise businesses that strive to achieve the highest levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. 

About Alloy Discovery 
Alloy Discovery is a comprehensive network discovery and inventory platform that enables customers to conduct IT auditing operations and automate mission-critical IT processes. 

About Alloy Software  

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of Service Desk and Asset Management solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations and keep services running. Today, still under original management, Alloy Software has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America and has received many accolades from industry publications for their solutions and services. Alloy Software serves companies worldwide, including financial, healthcare, higher education, technology, public sector, retail, manufacturing and more. 

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