Alloy Software Adds Network Mapping to Network Inventory Solution

Network Mapping in Alloy Discovery

Helps organizations visualize and analyze physical and local relationships between IT equipment

​​Alloy Software today rolled out a new release of Alloy Discovery with a powerful Network Mapping feature designed to automatically discover and visualize physical and logical connections between computers, devices and network equipment on a local network.  

Alloy Discovery has long provided the ability to identify computers, printers, routers and other network equipment. It also collects a wealth of essential configuration information for troubleshooting issues, evaluating risks and planning for system technology and operational changes. The new release offers new and improved tools that additionally enable network administrators to:   

  • Ensure software licensing compliance for software products licenses by CPU cores; 
  • Detect unwanted or malicious software such as Trojans, torrents, or miners;  
  • Increase user security and reduce administrative effort;  
  • Easily identify which switch port each device is connected to
  • Detect installed Microsoft Store applications;   

“The complicated nature of today's business demands for full visibility of an organization's IT infrastructure, down to individual details of every computer, printer, router and network switch," said Ivan Samoylov, CTO of Alloy Software. "With this release, Alloy Discovery brings in smart network topology visualization tool to help IT organizations simplify network inventory management and tackle a wide range of daily challenges throughout their operations."   

About Alloy Discovery  

Alloy Discovery is an award-winning network discovery and inventory platform that enables customers to discover, diagnose, and analyze hardware and software configurations of networked servers, workstations, laptops and other networked equipment, such as printers, scanners, network routers, and switches. It facilitates software licensing compliance, software audits, troubleshooting of technical issues, and automation of mission-critical IT processes.  

About Alloy Software  

Established in 2002, Alloy Software is a leading provider of Service Desk and Asset Management solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations and keep services running. Today, still under original management, Alloy Software has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America and has received numerous accolades from industry publications for their solutions and services. Alloy Software serves companies worldwide, including financial, healthcare, higher education, technology, public sector, retail, manufacturing and more.  

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